Hydrawise And Rain Bird LNK Review

            I went to a client’s house one day to check out their system and when I got there, they opened the garage to the home through their phone so I could get in and access the irrigation controller. As I left, I waved to the camera that the client was viewing from their phone, which they used to close the garage and I was my way home. Homes are getting smarter, and what is the irrigation industry doing to keep up with technology changes?

            Well, things are getting interesting over here, with technology getting way more efficient and conservation friendly, adding more hands off features for owners so they don’t have to worry about their systems! What I want to talk about specifically is the rise of the Wi-Fi-based controllers that are beginning to take hold in the industry. Years of data collection is really starting to pump out some quality technology that is improving irrigation systems and adding way more value more efficient lawn sprinkler installations.

I was recently attended several seminars for Wi-Fi irrigation controllers, to get a feel for the upcoming changes in the market and to see who leading the pack. For the record, I think Hunter’s Hydrawise and the Rain Bird LNK are pushing the way on irrigation Wi-Fi controllers. But I’m partial to the Hydrawise, I think it offers more diversity and allows users to make it as simple or complex as they want their system analysis to be. I also really enjoy the Flow Sensor that can be installed to measure water output and detect leaks and over/under water surging on systems.

In addition, the ease of monitoring from mobile and communication between mobile to the controller has brought down long-term costs for homeowners because, at the end of the day, it reduces service time on a system because the majority of the service calls, we can make the adjustments right from our office! I hope to add more value for my clients' systems by being able to provide the upgrades for systems as one of Guelph's sprinkler system installation companies.

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