System Servicing



Are your garden shrubs restricting a spray head from watering the rest of your garden? Rest assured these and many more questions can be answered with a careful inspection by one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians, qualified to help give advice for current and futures plans that affect the surround irrigation. 

We offer many solutions for the people that do not want to have to spend every waking moment of the weekend tending to their yard to ensure that it stays as beautiful as the day we put it all together. We can offer you a variety of tips on how to make the work easier on you and your family. 


We also specialize in the commercial systems repair. Where troubleshooting can be costly and time consuming on a large sized property; experience, technique and new technology has helped GreenGrass to be a leading expert in the industry for troubleshooting and repairing ineffienciently running systems.