Spring Start-Ups

Looking to get your irrigation system up and running to beat the heat, but your technician can't seem to find the time to come out and turn it on? We'll schedule you a time right away that meets your needs with technicians who are trained to deal with timers of all sorts. From there, expect a thorough look at the system and plan to tackle any problems that have arisen over the winter or perhaps any adjustments that have to be made. Call today!

A quick review on what you can expect from a spring startup:

  • Quick scheduling to address your system's needs
  • A full system assessment that reviews all sprinkler heads' performance to ensure proper coverage
  • A leak inspection throughout the system
  • Repairs on any damages to the system
  • Timer adjustments to maximize efficiency
  • Reccommendations on improving system performance
  • And finally, a full function test to get you ready for the summer

Call us today at 647-987-8501 to book your start-up today!