Residential Irrigation Systems

Take pride in the ease and comfortability as home's landscaping lush gardens and grass continue to bloom, while knowing your system has been designed and installed as a smart water and conservation system. By choosing Progressive Irrigation Solutions as your professional installer, you know the top of the industry products and newest available technologies are being used to provide the highest quality of service.

Here's just a few reasons to consider Progressive Irrigation Solutions as the installer for your home's irrigation project. 

  • Designs from professionals that maximize both desired coverage and efficiency to save you time, money and effort
  • Crews compromised of friendly technicians and assistants who have been trained in all fields of installations and can handle any contract
  • Full Insured
  • Only 1 to 2 days spent on your property
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty for every install
  • Only the best products and most current technology by Rain Bird and Hunter Industries
  • Our cutting edge processes that push the standard of quality within the industry
  • Service technicians to maintain your system
  • Don't worry about a mess, we are dedicated to treating your lawn as if it were our own and take a great pride in leaving a property in the condition it was prior to install