Outdoor Landscape Audio

Take the next step in making your landscape as personalized as it can be by adding an outdoor landscape audio system today


Your own landscape. Your own sound.

  • Designs from professionals that maximize desired coverage 
  • Experienced crews to ensure a quality outdoor audio system installation
  • Full Insured
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty for every install
  • Only the best products and most current technology by TruAudio
  • Discreet audio satellites and subwoofers
  • Service technicians to maintain your system
  • Control the system right from your mobile devices


  • Audio satellites that can be tucked away in gardens
  • Sub terrain subwoofers that won't comprise the power of your landscape sound system
  • Power bars and in ceiling speakers to produce sound right in your outdoor living spaces
  • Satellites of different shapes, colours, and forms such as rocks
  • Add that unique sound right for your unique landscape
  • Rich sound with amazing amounts of volume
  • Weather proof connections to provide no outdoor sound issues
  • Operational right from your phone 
  • No mess installation


  • Different sized sub-terrain subwoofers to deliver whatever bass power you desire 
  • Can be operated via Bluetooth or Sonos
  • Deep and hearty bass for your outdoor get togethers
  • With receivers in different sizes, many designs can be put together to maximize your outdoor audio
  • Different sized subwoofers to produce whatever power your backyard oasis might need
  • Satellites of different shapes and forms such as rocks
  • Weather proof quality to ensure a long lasting landscape audio system